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Swansong, Skylight Theatre


A searing international performance THE STORY: Pulled from the streets of 1960’s Ireland, this gritty monodrama tells the story of Austin “Occi” Byrne, abused and isolated, violent, vulnerable, and searching for redemption. Directed by Melbourne Fringe Co-Founder, Greg Carroll, this is theatre that doesn’t settle for easy answers. scroll to watch ...


Skylight Theatre; Sep 7 – Oct 7
Co-production | West Coast Premiere

Tickets sold through - Use button below

$20 - $32; Opening night $45

2017-2018 Season

Upcoming Events

Skylight Salute Hosts: Sandra Tsing Loh and John Fleck

Skylight Salute

This ain't no rubber chicken event... We salute and celebrate three artists who have defined and expanded our community and by extension, have helped us claim our stature among the best the Los Angeles artist community has to offer. They are actress and activist Dale Raoul, Latinx arts expert and ...


Elysian Masonic Temple - Oct 14, 2018
A Special Fundraising Event

- See information on event page before purchasing

1900 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles 90027
Parking on site, please carpool if possible

Community is at the center of this celebration so we'll be staying in our village, Los Feliz Village, at the Elysian Masonic Temple on the corner of Vermont Ave and Franklin Ave.  We hope you'll make the time to be with us.

Skylight Theatre Company, 1816 ½ N. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027
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