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Lyric Project

Can a song change a life?

Lyric Project provides hundreds of inner city teens, ages 15 to 18, an outlet for expression through the art of song writing. Some students, experience joy in finding a new talent that connects them to their music idols, while others discover new insight into their lives. For a select group of the teens, Lyric Project provides an opportunity to work alongside a professional songwriter as they shape their words into a song that will be performed in concert at Skylight Theatre.


The Lyric Project workshop classes are held in Los Angeles county high schools, after school programs and detention centers. Students begin by exploring contemporary and musical theater song structures, under the guidance of the instructor. Using hands-on, interactive questionnaires, brainstorming charts, and sample lyrics, the teens transform intimate moments and personal experiences into well-crafted lyrics. The instructor reviews all the lyrics and submits a cross section from each set of workshop classes for consideration by a review panel. The goal of the panel, which is comprised of songwriters, theatre artists, and Skylight Theatre Company staff, is to identify fifteen to twenty of the new lyrics that will become songs for this year’s Lyric Project Concert.
Those teen lyricists work with established professional songwriters to set their words to music. They learn how key, style, and rhythm enhance their text and how their lyrics powerfully direct the development of each component. Ultimately, the new songs are performed at Skylight Theatre in unique concert enhanced with dance and video interviews celebrating not only the teen's songs, but also their lives.

The Lyric Project is made possible in part by support by the Los Angeles City Department of Cultural Affairs and contributions by individual donors. It was established with generous financial support from the ASCAP Foundation.

Teen Lyricists

Anamaria Alarcon
Spencer Beck
Daniel Bernabe
Jasmine Campos
Andrea Drager
Spencer Ganus
Erica Heggen
Thomas Kaplan
Ruben Orellana
Michelle Palacios
Angel Pedro
Bianka Solaris
David Sun
Mackenzie Yanet
Daniella Zoto Gonzales
Lenin Castro
Daniel Contreras
Tricia Delph
Francisco Gaytan
Victor Hernandez
Salima Hester
Khamal Iwvanyanwu
Leslie Jacobo
Angie Kim
Kevin A. Lee
Hector Lira
Simran Neeru
Nehemias Portillo
Samiha Rahman
Nagashree Rao
Vivian Arciga
Emerald Canady
Humberto Castanon
Crescenda Faulks
Shannon D.A. Fernandez
Emmanuel Gómez
Melvin Guerra
Cole Holden
Ashley Huff
Jorge Martinez
Joselee Medina
Matthew Merlo
Zac Meza
Matthew A. Perry
Juan Tirado
Natalie Wire
Rosaline Carrillo
Sirenia Ceballos
Kevin Fuentes-Romero
Stephanie Guiterrez
Nancy Medina
Janine Mendoza
Jesus Monzon
Roman Noriega
Alex Pike
Juan Reyes
David Robinson
Jose Sanchez
Garcia Segura
Robert Varela
Zulema Villalobos


Mason Allport
Mereki Beach
Haley Brown
Anna Dellaria
Madison Douglas
Irene Greene
Caroline Hisel
Karl Kerfoot
Lizzy McAvoy
Mark Mekalian
Lela Milki
Heidi Rojas
Chrysanthe Tan
John Torres
Joanna Walfisch
Eric Baines
Nick Blaemire
Katie Boeck
Lucas Cantor
Lauren Christy w/ Sophie Sky
Mark Feist
Matt Gould
Karl Kerfoot
Dan Martinez
Michelle Shocked
Todd Shroeder
Chrysanthe Tan
Fay Wolf
Barrett Yeretsian
Jerry "Juice Billonaire" Alexidor
Eric Baines
Nick Blaemire
Katie Boeck
Stephen Bray
Lucas Cantor
Jasper Cameron
Lauren Christy
Mark Feist
Mano Felciano
Ross Golan
Will Reynolds
Chip Rosenbloom
Chrysanthe Tan
John Torres
Barrett Yeretsian
Nick Blaemire
Katie Boeck
Lucas Cantor
Lauren Christy
Jason Evigan
Manoel Felciano
Ross Golan
Matt Gould
Audra Mae
Heidi Rojas
Chip Rosenbloom
John Torres
Fay Wolf
Barrett Yeretsian

Songwriters donate their time and considerable talents to work with the Lyric Project teens.

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