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A unique mentoring program

UNDERground gives artistically curious young adults a chance to take charge and explore their talents in a safe environment.

These are their productions. Their ideas. Their talents. Their work.
We're here to open the doors and turn on the lights… every way we can.


Élan Ensemble: “Élan” is the extraordinary energy that animates body and soul. A deeply diverse ensemble of actors bring their individual élan to the collaborative process of devising theatrical works and adaptations, unified by a common understanding of physical theatre techniques gained in the USC MFA Acting Program. Rooted in Los Angeles, Élan Ensemble pushes the limits of naturalism and brings life to text through the human body to create a surprising and deeply felt collective experience.


R. Ernie Silva – Jimi’thesia
Notascar Productions – Dog Sees God
Notascar Productions – Introductions
Notascar Productions – Rent Unplugged
Elbow Grease Productions - Wooden Lamb
Ryan Churchill, Leif Gantvoort and Nick Greco – Them There Guys
Students from the Beverly Hills Playhouse – Twilight: LA 1992
Sophia Marzocchi - UnMasked

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