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2020 Season

Gentrification, Immigration and a Drag Queen Named Taffeta!

3 Plays of the Moment from Skylight's Resident Playwrights, and a 4th play that's yet to be announced

West Adams, world premiere play by Penelope Lowder

WEST ADAMS  by Penelope Lowder
Opens Feb 1, 2020; World Premiere

Front yard inflatables. A hostile takeover of a neighborhood block party. Altruistic dreams of gentrification. Perhaps reshaping a newly adopted neighborhood in your image isn’t as lofty as one might think.

 Lavender Men, world premiere play by Roger Q. Mason

LAVENDER MEN, An Emancipation Play by Roger Q. Mason
NEW DATE: Opens April 18, 2020; World Premiere

Enter the historical fantasia of Taffeta, a self-proclaimed "fabulous queer creation of color,” as she invades the private world of Abraham Lincoln to confront issues of LGBTQ+ inclusion and visibility that still challenge us today.

Season 2020, 4th play to be announced

Summer 2020

Emmylu, world premiere play by Boni B. Alvarez

EMMYLU by Boni B. Alvarez
Fall 2020; World Premiere

A mass shooting. Immigration. Fake News. A Filipino family divided, polarized, politicized and thrown into the media circus. Emylu is a timely look at the conversations and issues tearing at the fabric of our country.

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