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Upcoming Events

It Must Be Him

by Michael Kearns
Directed by Ryland Shelton
with piano accompaniment by Leigh Anne Gillespie

November 12, 2023
Skylight Theatre

It Must Be Him explores the role of gender from the consciousness of a community elder whose story began in 1968. Kearns and many of his peers could admit out loud—in song—that which was forbidden by expressing themselves through the lyrics and performances of emotionally-charged female singers/songwriters.




AIDS Threads: From Epidemic to Ecodisaster

a Skylight Theatre Company and QueerWise Co-Production

November 30, 2023
Skylight Theatre

AIDS Threads: From Epidemic to Ecodisaster weaves personal stories from the AIDS years into a fabric of present-day politics and anecdotal observations from the lingering health crisis to addressing the immediate dangers of climate change and incessant wars worldwide. The event brings people together to honor World AIDS Day by raising awareness, remembering those affected by the virus, and recommitting to goals of collectively working for change to improve our planet.



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