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2024/2025 Season

The Sandwich Ministry

by Miranda Rose Hall
Directed by Katie Lindsay

June 1, 2024

A small town. A once in a century storm. Three women gather to make sandwiches for neighbors who’ve been displaced from their homes by floods. As they contend with the damage of the storm, they learn what brings them together threatens to tear them apart. Is their friendship strong enough to make it through the night?

Funding for this production is provided by Yale’s Binger Center for New Theatre.




Smile, Goddamnit, Smile

by Zola Dee
Directed by Tyrone Davis

October 12, 2024

In an absurdly entertaining world of surrealism and minstrelsy, the play follows the turbulent relationship between the personification of a Black woman’s two inner voices, African and American. Having had a nightmare about receiving upsetting news from their Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben, African finds American writing a love letter to her unrequited love, America. When the two receive news about their aunt and uncle’s impending death, it becomes clear that the journey to see them at their deathbeds won’t happen without an epic fight.

Inspired by W.E.B. DuBois’ thoughts on “double consciousness,” playwright Zola Dee’s incisive and provocative new play illustrates a portal into the Black female psyche that sheds new light on race and feminism in post-2020 America.


Show #3


February 22, 2025







Hide & Hide

by Roger Q. Mason
Directed by Jessica Hanna

May 17, 2025

Along the Golden Coast of California, two souls collide while chasing freedom. Set in the last days of disco, Billy, a queer rent-boy, is on the run from the Texas police; Constanza, a filipina immigrant, has a visa that’s about to expire. Together, they enter a sham marriage to achieve their own American Dream. Hide & Hide is a Homeric Odyssey that disrupts and rebuilds The American Fantasy.


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