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NEVER IS NOW: Beyond Conversation

Join us for something different.

Following select performances, Special Guests talk candidly about their lives and experiences - sharing what they lived and learned.

JOIN US.  -- Listen. Ask a question. Share your experience and expertise.  Go Beyond Conversation.

Follows immediately after the scheduled performance.  (duration approx. 20 minutes)


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Sat. Sep 28, 4:00pm
THE DEMISE OF DEMOCRACY - Is Democracy as we know it under threat? And if so, what can we do about it?  - Guest Norvell Thomas

Norvell Thomas, a doctoral candidate in Political Science and International Studies, discusses unexpected threats to democracy as we know it, and what we can do to preserve and protect the most fundamental elements of liberal democracy.

Sat. Oct 5, 4:00pm

Bias. Prejudice. It comes in many forms. Chat with two Artists and Activists to learn how the world is, or isn't changing.

Sun. Oct 6, 2:00pm
Guest: Danielle Matthew, LMFT

Bullying isn't new but with social media it's reached epidemic proportions. How do we empower youth who are experiencing bullying and anxiety?

*Danielle Matthew will be selling copies of her book, The Empowered Child: How to Help Your Child Cope, Communicate, and Conquer Bullying following the discussion

Sat. Oct 12, 4:00pm
THE NEW GHETTO - Guest: Celina Alvarez - Housing Works Executive Director

You might be surprised to learn about LA's history of cordoning off the homeless into a few blocks downtown. How do Housing Laws and Policies continue to promote systemic oppression today?

Sun. Oct 13, 2:00
ARE THERE GENERATIONAL IMPACTS TO THE HOLOCAUST? - Guests: Survivor Rose Schindler with her family

A Holocaust Survivor, her daughter, and grandchildren reveal some of the lingering, and occasionally unexpected, impacts of the Holocaust.

*Rose Schindler will be selling and signing copies of her book: Two Who Survived following the discussion

Fri. Oct 18, 8:30pm
HUMAN RIGHTS TODAY - Guest: Mia Yamamoto, Human Rights Attorney

This is one you don't want to miss. Born into a Japanese internment camp, Mia served in the Vietnam War and became a leading criminal defense attorney. After years of fighting for transkids and other marginalized people, she took the leap and came out herself. — "I've always been somebody who believes in human rights and believes that it was my obligation, my privilege, to fight for human rights not just for for my clients, but for the world—for everybody."

Sat. Oct 19, 4:00pm
IS ACTIVISM WORKING? - Guests: Dr. John Erickson, Alexis Sanchez, Dr. Selma Holo, Maria Galicia

Talk with a panel of Los Angeles activists working for change. Find out from those on the front lines what is and isn't working and how you can help.

Sun. Oct 20, 2:00pm
STOPPING ANTISEMITISM- Guests: Rabbi Stan Levy, Eva Nathanson, and Matt Friedman, Anti Defamation League

There is a rise in antisemitism in the U.S and around the world. Guests discuss what can be done to stem the tide and bring about change.

Sat. Oct 26, 4:00pm
A DIFFERENT KIND OF SURVIVING - Guests: Wendy Hammers and others TBA

Cancer Survivors talk about resilience and hard won truths that changed the way they experience life.

Guests, topics and dates may be subject to change.
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