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THE MADRES: Beyond Conversation Series

Join us following Sunday matinee performances (duration 20 minutes)

In 1977 Buenos Aires, fourteen brave women gathered publicly to defy the repressive Argentinean regime’s efforts to terrorize its people into silence and submission. In their quest to find their missing children, they gave birth to a movement.

They are The Madres de La Plaza de Mayo de Los Desaparecidos, and they have inspired generations of artists and activists to resist and persist.

Join us for Beyond Conversation and meet the women and men using the power of art and the power of the people to fight oppression and stand up for justice.

This series is curated by Elissa Barrett, Kate Luhr and Jonathan Muñoz-Proulx.

All guests are subject to availability.


Sun. March 11

Latinx Arts on the Frontlines

Latinx artists and performers are often on the frontlines of resistance, revolution and progress, including here in the City of Angels. Meet Jorge Juerta, leading authority on Chicano Theatre and Latinx Theater LA. Moderator: Sara Guerrero
For podcast of this event see Media

Sun. March 18

Art as Resistance

How should artists respond to a nation in crisis? John Butler once said that [a]rt changes people and people change the world." Meet LA artists, Beth Pickens (Making Art During Fascism), John Andrews and Patty Jausoro of Our Next 4 Years (ON4Y), who are challenging us to re-imagine and remake our world. Moderator: Kate Luhr

For podcast of this event see Media

Sun. March 25

Survivors of the Argentine Genocide

Survivors of the Argentine Genocide share their stories of exile, imprisonment, and escape. Hear from internationally renowned poet Alicia Partnoy, who survived The Little School, an Argentinean concentration camp, and artist and historian Fabian Cerejido. Moderator: Kate Luhr

For podcast of this event see Media

Sun. April 1

#MadresTambien, Part I

In 1977, fourteen brave Argentinean mothers took a stand against injustice. They have been marching ever since. Today in Los Angeles, women are finding new ways to rise up and combat injustice. Hear from LA’s Madres, Tess Rafferty (Take Back the Workplace March), and Sarah Ullman (Filmaker; One Vote At A Time) and what inspires them to act and to keep marching forward. Moderator: Kate Luhr

Sun. April 8

It Can't Happen Here, Can It?

Fascism, once a relic of the 20th Century, is on the rise across the globe. As Americans, we assume our democratic institutions are strong enough to withstand that regressive tide. Are we right? Join Nestor Fantini (former Prisoner of Conscience), and Ines Kuperschmit (featured in “Our Disappeared”), for a lively debate about unchecked militarism and the future of American democracy. Moderator: Elissa Barrett.

For podcast of this event see Media

Sun. April 15

LA Rising, Part I:  Gun Reform Now!

Los Angeles is home to many powerful resistance movements, from the women who first tweeted #BlackLivesMatter, to LGBTQ activists combating violence against trans women of color. In the week before the next National High School Walk Out being planned by Parkland students to commemorate the 19th anniversary of the Columbine massacre, join Laura Mannino (Drain the NRA) and guest (TBA) for an inspiring look at how Angelenos are shaping the gun reform debate. Moderator: Elissa Barrett.

Sun. April 22

#MadresTambien, Part II

Hear from THE MADRES of Los Angeles about what inspires them to act and to keep marching forward. Meet Emiliana Guereca (Founder of the LA Women's March), and Annalea Rawicz Arnold (We for She).  Moderator: Kate Luhr.

Sun. April 29

LA Rising, Part II: Immigration Reform

As the prospect for progress on Immigration Reform dims in DC, the struggle moves back to the streets of Los Angeles. Join Liz Gonzaléz an attorney who works with Children fleeing violence in Central America, and Alex Alpharaoh, actor, writer and activist, whose solo show, WET: A DACA-mented Journey, tells the story of a new kind of American in search of the elusive American dream.
Moderator: Elissa Barrett

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