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Black Lives Matter - Say Their Names


June 1, 2020

If the events of this week have proven anything to us, it’s that we must do more to stop racism in this world. 

Once again our hearts have been broken, this time by the senseless murder of George Floyd. And by the deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many other Black Lives. How many more people will be added to the list before we acknowledge that we’re following on the heels of a long history of systemic racism and trauma?

It is not enough to fill our stages with stories that illuminate the problem. It is not enough to raise our voices and stand in solidarity with the other institutions around the country denouncing bigotry and hatred. We must take ownership of our own biases and learned behaviors that keep us complacent. We must actively seek to unlearn those behaviors and adjust to being uncomfortable as we seek a new way of being. And we must share. Share our activism. Share our knowledge. Share our heart. How else can we make this moment more than just another blip in our long history of opportunities to change?

We need to SEE. We need to LISTEN. We need to SAY THEIR NAMES. So we never can forget,


In solidarity,
Skylight Theatre Company


Join us in honoring some of the many black lives that have been unjustly murdered simply because of the color of their skin. Say their names with us.

There is power in their names and in remembering them.

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List of Resources for Change and ending Racism

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