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Dusty de los Santos

2012 LAb Works

A Filipino household is forced to cope with the family baggage.

written by Boni B. Alvarez
directed by Thomas James O'Leary



Madison and Freddie de los Santos are childless. Madison is pregnant for the third time, but no one’s talking about it. Not a single person in the large de los Santos clan utters a word; instead, they tiptoe around the growing baby bump, filling the air with light domestic chatter. When a very very pregnant Filipina woman named Sampaguita invades the de los Santos household, the family is forced to deal with its heavy stockpile of baggage.

Amielynn Abellera
Gino Aquino
Erick Esteban
Angel Star Felix
Tommy Fleming
Justin Huen
Shirley Jordan
Marc Pelina
Heather Prete
Jason Rogel
Marie-Reine Velez
Ellen D. Williams


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