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Pray to Ball

Written by Amir Abdullah
Directed by Bill Mendieta

Two lifelong friends and now college basketball stars, are poised for a future in the NBA. They find themselves on a collision course when one of them chooses to become a Muslim.

Y'lan Noel
Amir Abdullah
Ulka Simone Mohanty
Rickie Peete
Lindsey Beeman
Brice Harris


Heartfelt and thought provoking. Tersely entertaining! - LA Times

Go! A lean, mean drama. Handles big ticket issues with aplomb and humor! - LA Weekly

Pray To Ball Scores Big! A rare, slick visual feast. Brave performances and honest portrayals - LifeInLA

What Skylight has produced is a marvel! - StageHappening

Expertly directed. Seamlessly executed. - LA Post

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