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Shades Of Disclosure

Written and performed by QueerWise*
Directed by Michael Kearns

Real people. Real stories. Authentic voices speak about today

Spanning from the 1988 display of the AIDS Memorial Quilt in Washington DC to the worldwide Women’s Marches, Shades of Disclosure illuminates the triumphant lives of real people whose personal stories have been forgotten or silenced.

Individuals, of varying stripes, relive their intimate and heartfelt histories while speaking to a sixteen-year old who, after bravely announcing her queerness, finds herself at a precarious turning point in American politics. In Shades of Disclosure, she discovers a band of mentors who tell it like it was, is, and how they hope it can be.

Albert Auben
Gil Feroli
Cheri Gaulke
Randy Gravelle
John Glenn Harding
Jessie Jacobson
Sophie Kim
Darrell Larson
Timothy Mack
Mason Mahoney
Jen O’Connor
Roland Palencia
Christine Papalexis
Ken Pienkos
David Trudell


"Top 10 - Undeniable first person impact" RECOMMENDED - StageRaw

“Positive and powerful...deep and personal. A celebration of being alive, something we can all relate to” - Hollywood Revealed

“One of the most authentic theatrical shows you’ll ever see. Bravo Shades of Disclosure. It is funny in spots, it’s sometimes dirty, it’s ultimately horrifying” - Jewish Journal

“A jarringly evocative evening… Michel Kearns masterfully directs. QueerWise offer their “truths now with swift purpose and quiet grace” Shades could not be more timely”-ArtsInLA

“Unique, intriguing, original, and stirring. Major congrats to Kearns, the company, and to producer Gary Grossman” - Edge

“Illuminating”- Splash Magazines

“What makes this performance successful is the passion with which all the players tell their stories. The experience is affecting” -TheatreNotes

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