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April 30, 3:00pm

Our neighbors - A mother and daughter, a doctor, an actor, a librarian and others share inspiration and comfort for times of crisis.

created and curated by Wendy Kout & Michele Willens
directed by Tony Abatemarco
with: Amir Abdullah, Celina Alvarez, Cantor Marc Bachrach, Eliza Blair, Gregg T. Daniel, Kennedy Dylan Daniel, John Fleck, Karole Foreman, Fr. Greg Goethals SJ, Veralyn Jones, Mark Juretic MD, Sophie Kim, Dan McCleary, Olivia Prince, Laura Salvato, Charles Shaughnessy, Don Smith, John F. Szabo, Sarah Tubert

April 23, 3:00pm


After missing their opportunity to meet at a safe distance, Lionel & Matt try Zooming again.  But who's that crashing the Zoom romance?   See what happens when an unexpected visitor arrives as the story of "Benton Way" continues...

written and directed by: Tony Abatemarco & Michael Kearns
cast: Adam Ballard, Adam Lebowitz-Lockard & Dee Freeman

April 16, 3:00pm

Four longtime Sistah-friends on a zoom call  discover they have a very different viewpoint  on entitlement, idealism  and what the f* it means to be a black woman during the time of Miss Rona.

written by: Penelope Lowder**
directed by: Michael A. Shepperd
cast: LeVanna Atkinson-Williams, Ann James, Tamara Perry, Yolanda Snowball
**Resident Playwright

April 9, 3:00pm

An eating marathon was never this funny! Two “play by play” commentators tell us all about the competition. Viewers be warned... this could be a TMI experience.XXX

adapted from a short play written for Skylight by: Buck Henry
directed by: Celia Mandela Rivera
cast: Evie Abat, Tony Abatemarco, Gary Grossman

April 2, 3:00pm

It was love at first Zoom.
Two contemporary business men, different as night and day and sequestered at home by COVID19, meet at an online conference call. Inspired by a different kind of business they keep meeting... Can a Zoom romance bloom in the age of social distance?

written and directed by: Michael Kearns & Tony Abatemarco
cast: Adam Ballard & Adam Lebowitz-Lockard

March 26, 2020

A play about sex, love, and when love isn’t so sexy anymore.
Cora and Daniel can’t be together physically, but that doesn’t mean they can’t try something new.XXX

written by: Christine Hamilton Schmidt
directed by: Victoria Pearlman
cast: Poonam Basu, Clayton Farris

*Advisory: Adult language and sexual content.

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