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The End Times

Based on a true story, a new play about courage
Cult. Family. Religion.

Written by Jesse Mu-En Shao
Directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera

What if the only family you've known is a cult?
Do you dare to ask the questions that may shatter your world.

Synopsis: Enter the world of a religious cult. Dare to ask the questions you haven't asked, to discover the truths that shatter your beliefs. Who do you turn to then?

Born and raised in the Lord's Restoration, Tim, has always been a devout follower of the ministry. He is young, loyal, and a true believer. However, after his best friend Evan is cast out of the Church, Tim's life slowly unravels as he begins to question the foundations of his faith.


A WINNER...provocative and timely- LA Times CRITICS CHOICE

GO! - COMPELLING... a lean narrative enriched with well-grounded performances - LA Weekly

WELL DONE! DISTURBING and impactful.
A psychological drama that has you sittingON THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT until the very end. - Discover Hollywood

RECOMMENDED & TOP TEN! - Delivers authenticity, POWERFUL PERFORMANCES and food for thought - Stage Raw

GRIPPING, COMPELLING and ABSORBING... Excellent performances - ReviewPlays

WOW! INTRIGUING and elucitating.
Heralding the arrival of a playwright who is most definitely ONE TO WATCH - StageScene LA

POWERFUL. Topic of CULTS is treated with sensitivity and understanding - LA Splash

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