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The Sexual Life of Savages

Written by Ian MacAllister-McDonald
Directed by Elina de Santos

Synopsis: "How many people have you slept with?" Everyman Hal is about to discover all the baggage this answer will entail. With fierce humor and candor, The Sexual Life of Savages follows the lives of a group of young people thrust into a new sexual era and forced to come to terms with its shifting definitions of tolerance, empathy, and morality.

Luke Cook
Melanie Lyons
Melissa Paladino
T. Lynn Mikeska
Burt Grinstead


VERY WITTY! Wonderful 90-minutes of very strong theatre- Broadway World

RECOMMENDED! FUNNY! IRREVERENT! Obscenely gritty; explicitly real. Under director Elina de Santos' steady hand, the cast does STELLAR WORK. Consistently intelligent - Grigware Blogspot

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