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The Ticket Initiative

Impacting Access: The Ticket Initiative

We are committed to increasing access and keeping tickets to our productions affordable so that more people can experience live theater. A major barrier to cultural participation is cost, the Ticket Initiative provides theatregoers affordable access to the performing arts by helping to mitigate this obstacle.

With the support of funders and donor contributions, every production at Skylight offers subsidized free and lower cost tickets. We want Skylight to become a place of cultural equity. Our stories, writers and artists reflect Southern California’s rich diversity of races, culture, ethnicity, and experiences. The Ticket Initiative offers more opportunities for access so the values of equity, diversity and inclusion are reflected in our audiences.



NEW: Pay It Forward

If you’ve purchased an affordable ticket at Skylight Theatre in the past (Pay What You Want, Student, Senior, Under30, Neighborhood, etc.) odds are you’ve benefited from the Ticket Initiative. The program is possible thanks to the support of contributions from donors and partners, but we need your help now to maintain affordable access for those who need it.

Now you can choose. Enjoy an affordable subsidized ticket, or Pay It Forward to help give access to others which includes an added donation at the value of half or full price.  All Pay It Forward donations go directly to the Ticket Initiative Subsidy. You participate when you select Pay It Forward Tickets when purchasing.

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