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A unique mentoring program

UNDERground gives artistically curious young adults a chance to take charge and explore their talents in a safe environment, and provides a bridge from the educational environment to the professional community.

These are their productions. Their ideas. Their talents. Their work.
We're here to open the doors and turn on the lights… every way we can.


We are considering individual and group inquiries for 2019-2020.  Applicants are considered on their own merits; there is no formal application process. 

If you, as an individual artist or as a representative of a company, would like to be considered for the program, please write us at:  UNDERGROUND @SkylightTheatre

Please include your artistic focus or area of interest and how you believe Skylight can help.  This program is not designed to "produce" projects, but to provide a safe space to develop artistic abilities and projects which may later lead to production. As part of the process, participants may also develop associated marketing, management, and producing skills.

We're happy to announce that Élan Ensemble, who completed their residency at Skylight in 2018, will produce a full production of HOW WE'RE DIFFERENT FROM ANIMALS under the Élan Ensemble banner in 2019!


Élan Ensemble (USC MFA School of Dramatic Arts) - Devised theatre company, HOW WE'RE DIFFERENT FROM ANIMALS (2018), AWKWARD ENCOUNTERS (2017)
R. Ernie Silva (USC MFA School of Dramatic Arts) – JIMI’THESIA
Notascar Productions (LA County High School for the Arts - LACHSA)– DOG SEES GOD
Notascar Productions (LACHSA) – INTRODUCTIONS
Notascar Productions – (LACHSA) RENT UNPLUGGED
Elbow Grease Productions - WOODEN LAMB
Ryan Churchill, Leif Gantvoort and Nick Greco – THEM THERE GUYS
Students from the Beverly Hills Playhouse – TWILIGHT: LA 1992
Sophia Marzocchi - UN MASKED

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