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How We're Different From Animals, Alternate  Tuesdays, Elijah Rock Sings + Swansong
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How We're Different Than Animals


The evolutionary development of a new devised work continues.  Élan Ensemble pushes the limits of naturalism and brings life to text through the human body to create a surprising and deeply felt collective experience. How We're Different From Animals is based on the short stories of Miranda July.


Alternate Tuesdays


Skylight becomes an intimate gathering of friends where everyone is welcome.

Join us for an eclectic mix of music industry performances – from established artists to emerging new voices, and from the familiar to the totally unexpected.

Next date: Aug 28


Elijah Rock Skylight Theatre


Remember Casablanca? Remember songs woven with romance and rhythm and... magic?

The remarkable Elijah Rock delivers those timeless songs with an ease that may remind you of the great "crooners" like Frank Sinatra, Joe Williams, Tony Bennett, and Nat King Cole.  Think classic nightclubs, stiletto heels and secrets shared over cocktails.

Only two performances of unforgettable songs by the award-winning entertainer over the holiday weekend, Aug 31 and Sept 1.


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