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Lavender Men, Skylight Theatre 2022

Lavender Men


Follow Taffeta, a self-proclaimed "fabulous queer creation of color,” who invades the private world of Abraham Lincoln to confront issues of LGBTQ+ inclusion and visibility that still challenge us today. 

August 6 - September 4 (limited run)

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Gender Play - Beyond Conversation, Skylight LIVE

Category Is: Gender Play

Tues. August 16, 7:00pm PT

In the age of Drag Race and the legacy of Ball Culture, gender play has become wildly popular in the mainstream.

Join us, for a Beyond Conversation event with moderator Noga Yechieli Wind along with our esteemed panelists as we discuss and explore the performance of gender in the modern day and how the idea of gender is an act, or performance in itself.

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Thicc, Black, & Ready to Love

Tues. August 30, 7:00pm PT

Is loving your body enough to feel safe in the world?

While the LGBTQIA+ community has experienced increased societal acceptance, it has also become more susceptible to perpetuating traditional "beauty standards.” On dating apps it’s even become more popular for people to use fatphobic language to deter interactions with bigger people.

Join us for a Beyond Conversation event with moderator Jordan Daniels, from the iHeart Radio Podcast, “Black Fat Femme,” we’ll discuss love, the origins of body positivity, and what radical acceptance & liberation is like for every body.

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