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Our Donors

Thank you to all our friends and partners.
Your generosity makes everything possible.

2022 Contributors

HEROES $50,000 - $150,000
Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

CHAMPIONS $25,000 - $49,999
Paul and Monica Bancroft Family Foundation
CGLC Charitable Trust

ANGELS $10,000 - $24,999
Nancy E. Barton Foundation
David and Mary Jo Volk
Patty Glaser and Sam Mudie
Shubert Foundation

PARTNERS $5,000 - $9,999
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Carol and Craig Kapson
Loyola High School of Los Angeles
Robert and Gail Israel
Estate of Dwight Richard Odle
The Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust

LEADERS $2,500 -$4,999
The William H. and Mattie Wattis Harris Foundation
Robert Holmes
Jan Munroe
Dale Raoul and Ray Thompson
Jeff Reno
John Rothman
SYZYGY Foundation Inc

ADVOCATES $1,000 - $2,499
Yuval Bar-Zemer
David Bohnett Foundation
Tanya and Jack Black
Leo and Dorothy Braudy
Caplin Foundation
Rolin Jones
Judith and George Kieffer
Wendy Kout
The Millin Family
Diane Cary and James Parriott
Carole and David Preston
Linda and Mark Rosman
Jennifer and Matthew Rowland
Robyn Peterson and Albert Surprenant
Deborah and David Trainer
Paul and Mark Tripp
Buck Henry and Irene Ramp Charitable Trust
Aurin Squire
Jean Christensen and Steven Warheit

BENEFACTORS $500 - $999
Linda Adams and Ken Larson
Bill and Sasha Anawalt
Fariba Ghaffari
Elizabeth Gorcey
David Levinson and Ellie Herman
Myron Meisel

PROMOTERS $250 - $499
Tony Abatemarco
Jane Anderson and Tess Ayers
Michele and Tom Brown
Robert Caputo
Dan Frischman
William Kaiser
Christopher Maikish
Paul Miller
Tom Jacobson and Ramone Munoz
T. Noonan
John Pasquin
Janet Roston
Ronald Segall
Marni Spencer-Devlin
Robert A. Stone and Roxane P. Stern
Craig Taubman
Ann Hearn and Stephen Tobolowsky
Stanley and Laurie Whitcomb

DONORS $100 - $249
Doris Baizley
Beverly Barnes
Sharon Barr
Neal Becker
Genie and Gary Benson
Shem Bitterman
Norma Bowles
Blake Bloyd
Bob and Frank Caputo
Marianne, John, and Alex Cheng
Tim Drier
Evelina Fernandez
John Flynn
James Freed
Jennifer Gelfer
Ross and Jackie Golan
Rosa and Larry Goldstein
Zo Harris
Norma Anne Harris
Cathy Lind Hayes
Doris Hess
Roger Holzberg
Theresa Kennedy
Casey Kriley
Mark Lanza
Sharon Lawrence
Sondra Currie and Alan J. Levi
Christian Lyon
MacBlane Family Charitable Fund
Jon Maher
Judith Marlin
Mary McDonnell
Paulette McWilliams
Deanne Mencher
Allan Miller
Dr. Amy Gelfand and David Misch
Wendy Morrison
Arianne Meumark
Neli Nikolaeva
Jenny O'Hara and Nick Ullett
Penny Orloff
Christina Papalexis
Liz Bliss and Paul Pape
Jim Pentecost
Scott Perkins
Diane Plitka Kozak
Mark Porter
Lisa D. Richardson
Chantal Rodriguez
Howard Rootenberg and Joani Ryan
Ronald Segall
Scott Shagrin
Ryland Shelton
Raul Staggs
Darya Teesewell
Randee Trabitz
Bart and Pam Wald
Ann Walker
Todd Waring
Barbara J. Zipperman

The Tony Abatemarco Production Fund

The Tony Abatemarco Production Fund supports outstanding new plays that emerge from Skylight Theatre Company’s playwrights-in-residence program (SkyLab) and those having LGBTQ+ writers, directors, or themes, which are produced in whole or in part by Skylight.

The Fund honors actor, writer, director, producer, theatre administrator, and teacher Tony Abatemarco for his 12 years of service to Skylight Theatre Company and his other meaningful contributions to the American Theatre.

The Tony Abatemarco Production Fund

 Lead Support Provided by
Patty Glaser and Sam Mudie
Carol and Craig Kapson

With generous support from
Bill and Sasha Anawalt, Jane Anderson and Tess Ayers, Anonymous,
Denise Domergue, Robert Holmes, Sharon Lawrence,
David Levinson and Ellie Herman, Mary McDonnell,
The Millin Family, Irene Ramp and Buck Henry,
Linda and Mark Rosman, SYZYGY Foundation Inc,
Tanya and Jack, and Deborah and David Trainer

The Michael Kearns Enhancement Fund

“Listen to the unheard. Fight for them every day.”
- Michael Kearns

The Michael Kearns Enhancement Fund enhances budgets for developmental programs and productions at Skylight Theatre Company of new work from voices that have been marginalized because of disability, ethnicity, gender, or race, as well as from members of the LGBTQIA+ community and those experiencing homelessness.

The Fund honors actor, writer, director, producer, trailblazer, and activist Michael Kearns
for his years of leadership at Skylight and for his work opening doors
and nurturing fellow artists.

The Michael Kearns Enhancement Fund

Lead Support Provided by
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Carole and David Preston
The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

With generous support from
Anonymous, Sharon Barr, Bob and Frank,
David Bohnett Foundation, Brian Clarke, Zoada Harris,
Cathy Lind Hayes, Bill Kaiser, Theresa and Charles Kennedy,
Tim Miller and Alistair McCartney, Jen O'Connor, Jim Pentecost,
Darya Teesewell, Hilary Thomas, John Topping

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